In the center of the province of Veraguas, in a small valley where several rivers that converge in the Cordillera Central, is the town of San Francisco de la Montaña.

For any visitor, is a village of people dedicated mainly to agriculture, with beautiful river beaches, a delightful breeze coming down from the mountains and an ancient church in which lie hundreds of hand-carved pieces of the most precious woods of the region and housed in one of the oldest baroque churches of the continent, some exquisitely painted, others covered with gold leaf.

San Francisco de la Montaña is not like any other place. It has beautiful perfect nights where savanna kisses the mountains, in streets you feel all the mysticism that emanates from his most precious treasure, the heritage of the Panamanian culture and, I might add, of the world.

San Francisco de la Montaña was formally founded in 1621 by the priest Gaspar Rodriguez and Valderas, although the true date of its origin has been lost forever. Region rich in gold coveted by the Spanish who, for more than one hundred years were defeated again and again by chiefs of legendary names that have been repeated for generations, like the never forgotten chief Urraca.

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